Can we develop an aesthetic experience from the spatial dimension of music? Is it possible to build/articulate form by means of spatial operations? What type of functional links can be created between the spatial, the qualitative and the temporal in music?

The motivations that have brought us to propose this research project are, as it might transpire from the above, rather ambitious and point at too general questions. These questions would probably not lead to conclusive results in the scope of one research project, but are wonderful motors to dive into a research. We will be certainly aiming at the general, through study, discussion and reflection, but we need to experience and experiment in the particular and colour our research with the problematic of specific sub-domains which for strategical, contextual or personal reasons prove to be of maximum particular interest. Therefore, we have formulated a set of objectives which we want to achieve during the realization of this project. These objectives are the following:

Obj 1: To develop new compositional approaches embracing the spatial as an integral part of the compositional activity.

Obj 2: To evolve new possibilities of interpretation of electroacoustic music from these approaches, with a preferential consideration of dance and choreography as performing agents.

Obj 3: To build an international/interdisciplinary community around the topic.

Obj 4: To critique our arts-based research methodology.