Obj 3 - Networking

The spatial in electroacoustic music is an increasingly important topic in publications and research projects nowadays (c.f. section Context), and one can even encounter patents of methods and systems to approach this question. Different technological solutions, each with its own idiosyncrasies, potentialities and limitations, have been adopted by different artists and institutions. There is an ideal situation nowadays to create connections, discover relationships and share knowledge about these existing approaches.

We want to create awareness and knowledge, we want to open up paths concerning our central topic, and with this aim we extend our survey to other fields closely related to our objectives: the spatial in other arts; performance and interpretation; contemporary dance and choreography. This related set of items will serve as attractors to create a community of discussion and exchange. We shall be inviting persons and institutions to join in an open discussion, through the Internet, consultations, concerts, or presentations. Furthermore, we shall lean on this community to assess case studies, and conduct interdisciplinary research.