The project is expected to have a notable impact in three different major respects: (1) it will introduce the results of our research in space-related paradigms of electroacoustic composition and performance (including the necessary open source software tools) to the artistic and academic community (composer, performers, arts-based and scholarly researchers), (2) it will transmit the gained practical knowledge to young composers and performers through public international workshops, and (3) it will serve as an example of arts-based research developing new means of expression which will expose its methods to the international arts-based research community in the context of a symposium organized as a part of the project. Besides its main impact in the artistic and academic communities, the project will become visible and audible to a wider public through moderated concerts at the venues of all project partners (Graz, Paris, Montreal) and others. In order to achieve the expected impact based on the project results, a well-balanced dissemination strategy is proposed and described in the next section.