The project results will be disseminated in the academic domain through standard means such as peer-reviewed contributions to major conferences of the field (e.g. International Computer Music Conference, Sound and Music Computing Conference, International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression) and peer-reviewed articles in relevant international journals (e.g. Organised Sound, Computer Music Journal, Leonardo Music Journal). A presentation of the project’s methods and results will be proposed to special conferences on arts-based research (e.g. Sensuous Knowledge conference in Bergen, ORCiM Research Festival in Ghent). A symposium on arts-based research organized in Graz as part of the project will ensure international visibility and a critical assessment of the project’s methods and results. The practical knowledge gained in the project will be disseminated to young composers and performers through international workshops embedded into larger events or contexts (e.g. International Ensemble and Composers Academy impuls 2013 held at KUG by the ensemble Klangforum, workshops in the context of the Culture 2007 project Integra II in which IEM is a partner and in the context of the COST Action Sonic Interaction Design in which the project leader of this project is involved as the national delegate of Austria). To the wider public the project results will be disseminated through moderated concerts (e.g. in KUGs new concert series signalegraz presented at MUMUTH, IRCAM's Agora festival in Paris, concerts at the McGill University in Montreal). Further concerts will be proposed to Austrian festivals such as Wien Modern, Ars Electronica and steirischer herbst. The main public dissemination platform will be the project website, which will offer general information about the project to the wider public, detailed documentation of the project results including video and audio material, access to the open source software tool developed in the course of the project as well as a database of related activities offered the international artistic and academic community. Especially this part of the projects dissemination strategy will ensure international visibility, as the online resource will be of direct use to researchers and practitioners.