Meth 2 - Modelling

Modelling, our second method, is used to represent knowledge in software, to make the results of our conceptualization practically applicable, enabling experimentation and the sensual experiencing of our ideas. We shall use modelling to design and build the software environment implementing (i.e. formalizing) our basic conception of the compositional environment (see Obj 1 prerequisites). Based on this tool we shall use modelling on a further level to build up the "software-scores" of the different test cases and case studies. Through modelling we build tools, object-structures, types of entities, and also, and this is very important, we express artistic ideas. We agree with Hartmann's claim [1996], on the added heuristical importance of computer simulation as potential suggester of new theories, models and hypotheses, and, we extend this idea to the models with which musical ideas are to be represented. The act modelling, like writing, prolongs and enriches the creative act, and will probably suggest new ideas and new representations.