Ramón González-Arroyo

Ramón Gonzalez-Arroyo is a composer convinced that research is inherently linked to the process of creation. In the case of this long dreamt-of project it is rather creation which will be immersed in the process of research. A long period of individual and collaborative evolution, led him and Gerhard Eckel to envision and define the idea of The Choreography of Sound.

His contribution to the project goes from creating test-exercises and musical studies to the conception and design of software as a way of conceptual formalization and as a tool for creation, experimenting and discovering. A close contact with Gerhard Eckel –reflection and discussion, contrast and challenge–, allows them to co-direct the project along multiple lines.

Member of the Centre de recherche Informatique et Création Musicale CICM-Université de Paris VIII-MSH Paris Nord, collaborator of the Spanish National Radio (RNE), and, thanks to the project, member of KUG's Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM).