Martin Rumori

Martin Rumori is a sound artist, musicologist and computer scientist. From 2005–2010, he held a position within the artistic and academic staff of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. In 2011, he joined the project team of The Choreography of Sound.

Martin's main tasks are the design and implementation of the project's software framework in close relation to the collective effort of identifying conceptual demands and reflecting their aesthetical implications. He is also maintaining the technical infrastructure of the project.

His current artistic work focuses on sound installations, which incorporate real and virtual spaces and present anecdotic, semi-narrative as well as acousmatic soundings. Different sound projection techniques are used in order to explore private and inter-personal modes of listening. In parallel, Martin is carrying out his dissertation project on binaural auditory scene rendering at KUG's Institute of Electronic Music an Acoustics (IEM) in Graz.