Call for Cooperation

The Choreography of Sound (CoS) is a project about sound in space: the composition of spatial sonic objects and their movements. Significant in our approach is the conception of sound as dwelling in the space; sound has extension as well as location. Our search, therefore, looks for the illusion of a sonic object with a bodily presence. CoS is an arts-based research project, where compositional, scientific and technological forces have to be combined in order to generate and control such a subtle universe of perception, an immediate consequence of which is that musical composition will have to include the organization of sound objects "dancing" in the space. We envisage the interaction with choreographers and dancers as a promising collaborative path in our way to embrace this special approach of the musical. Dance has, by nature, developed knowledge and sensibility concerning the relationship of the body and space. The sought partnership is hoped to yield a mutual understanding of the issues involved in our endeavour, both on a conceptual/aesthetical and practical/poïetical level. Furthermore, this collaboration could hopefully lead to a cross-fertilization of music and dance composition opening to new modes of interaction. Music, as dance, needs to be performed, and we are willing to explore on the potentials to interpret sound in space through the dancing body, by means of live motion capture directing sound generation and projection.