Jan 13-21 2012

The group exhibition interior | exteriororganised by Luc Döbereiner, David Pirró and Martin Rumori took place in the ESC im Labor gallery space at Graz. The exhibition featured sound installations dealing with the inside and the outside of auditive, virtual or abstract spaces and models.

Martin Rumori presented his installation inout. The piece connects two auditory live situations through the mediation of technology. Two pairs of microphones pick up two different, oppositely oriented sound situations, in this case the outer sonic reality of Jakoministraße in Graz and that of the ESC gallery space itself. By means of a rotation tracked headphone, the listener may dive into either sound situation or a mixture of both by simply facing the corresponding direction. inout declares both sound situations "auditive readymades" and mediates between them and the listener. as a consequence, it also leads the listener's attention to the act of listening itself. For the occasion of this exhibition, an embedded hardware version of inout has been developed. The digital tracking data is interpreted by a microcontroller which in turn controls four channels of zero-latency analogue attenuation circuitry. In 2012, inout was further presented at Aalborg University, Copenhagen/Denmark (SMC, July 2012) and at Jakopič gallery, Ljubljana/Slovenia (ICMC, September 2012).

Photo: M. Rumori.