Jan 13-21 2012

The group exhibition interior | exteriororganised by Luc Döbereiner, David Pirró and Martin Rumori took place in the ESC im Labor gallery space at Graz. The exhibition featured sound installations dealing with the inside and the outside of auditive, virtual or abstract spaces and models.

David Pirrò presented the installation “interstices”. Four irregular clusters composed of 12 small loudspeakers each, are scattered over the gallery, forming a three-dimensional landscape. Sounds projected by them move in each cluster as well as between them, extending into the whole space. The sounds subdivide the room and define regions. They explore the space drawing trajectories and inscribing their movement into it. Listening and wandering through the intervening spaces between these shapes, the visitor experiences the different spatial perspectives delineated by a slowly changing sonic architecture. The installation was realized employing different connected physical models. They not only generate the sounds, but also control how various aspects of their appearance, e.g. their timbre or movement, change over time. Composing those models allows to compose the behaviour of the sound sources, their dynamics, and eventually to choreograph them. This installation is conceived and realized in collaboration with Georgios Marentakis.

Photo: M. Rumori.