Jun 15-19 2011

The festival next generation 4.0 took place at ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany, from June 15–19, 2011.

David Pirrò and Martin Rumori presented a poster on the facilities and projects of Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, which included an introduction to the approach and the aims of The Choreography of Sound.

Martin Rumori gave a talk on sound projection and listening situations in installation art, which led to the article Hören! Haltung! Körper und Klangkunst, published online at

David Pirrò presented his multichannel composition Grip & Loose. Underlying the composition is a single physical model consisting of 43 masses and descriptions of their relations. The evaluation of this model does not only directly generate the sound but also the larger scale temporal structure of the composition plus its spatialisation in the ZKM Klangdom. Many concepts of David's software system rattle, which has been used for this composition, are reflected in the CoS framework's Dynamic System.

On the ZKM Kubus gallery, Martin Rumori presented his sound installation binauresk F. Based on the description of a single sound atom, five algorithmic layers are constantly generated in realtime and diffused using the IEM Ikosaeder loudspeaker as a twenty-channel source and the glass housing of ZKM Kubus gallery as reflective walls.

More detailed descriptions of these and other contributions of IEM to next generation 4.0 may be found in IEM Report No. 46.

Photo: M. Rumori.