KHM Ringvorlesung

Apr 14 2011

The Choreography of Sound – Klangforschung jenseits des kartesischen Raums (sonic research beyond cartesian space) is the title of a lecture given by Martin Rumori on April 14, 2011, at Academy of Media Arts Cologne. The presentation formed a part of the lecture series Die Künste und die Wissenschaften (arts and sciences) in summer term 2011.

The talk started off from a general introduction to spatial hearing and from historical examples of the spatial in loudspeaker music. Different spatialisation techniques were presented with an emphasis on their underlying assumptions and with respect to both their scientific and æsthetic implications. Based on those mostly conventional concepts of projecting sound into space, a more integral understanding has been introduced as one of the main subjects of the CoS research project.

Photo: M. Rumori & R. González-Arroyo.