impuls academy *

Feb 10-17 2013

impuls - 8th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music
Special Program: The Choreography of Sound

Composers participating in the special program workshop:

  • Ashley Fure, USA
  • David Granström, Sweden
  • Andrea Mancianti, Italy
  • David Pirrò, Italy
  • Marcin Pietruszewski, Poland
  • Martin Rumori, Germany

In the context of the impuls academy, Gerhard Eckel and Ramón González-Arroyo introduced the participants of the workshop to the intermediate findings of the project. During one week the participants developed their own approaches towards a choreography of sound in the aesthetic laboratory installed in the György Ligeti hall (see photo). Their results were presented publicly on Feb 17 2013.

Photo: G. Eckel.