Motion Grid at KTH *

Oct 07-09 2013

In the context of the event Go to Hell, Gerhard Eckel presented his installation Motion Grid at the KTH experimental performance space Reactor Hall R1 in Stockholm. Go to Hell has been produced by the platform The Six Tones in the context of the artistic research project Music in movement: new artistic strategies for merging musical composition and choreography funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Motion Grid is a sound, video, and light installation based on a motion-capture recording of Toccata Orpheus, a guitar piece by the German composer Rolf Riehm performed by the Swedish guitarist Stefan Östersjö. The installation focuses on the movements of the performers fingers by transposing the speeds of the individual finger segments into sound and light textures. Motion Grid was developed as a component of the Go to Hell performance and installation. The 12 offices situated on three levels in the R1 have been equipped with a loudspeaker and a light projector each. The office doors functioned a sonic valves allowing an interaction of the performers and the audience with the installation. A video presenting the raw motion capture data complemented the setup.

Photo: G. Eckel.