ICMC 2014 *

Sep 17 2014

StiffNeck presentation at International Computer Music / Sound and Music Computing Joint Conference 2014, Athens/Greece

On September 17, 2014, Martin Rumori presented the paper "StiffNeck: The Electroacoustic Music Performance Venue in a Box" at ICMC|SMC 2014 in Athens. The presentation started from brief survey of the different research questions in CoS, further concentrating on the concept of in situ composition. A practical demonstration introduced the software tool StiffNeck, formerly known as VirtualMUMUTH, which has been developed within CoS in order to support in situ composition off-site. An additional example from the field of radiophonic arts illustrated the use of StiffNeck for the auditive construction of virtual superimposed spaces.

Rendering: M. Rumori.