Nov 23 2014

Martin Rumori delivered a presenttion “StiffNeck – Auralisation of Space-Related Sound Projections Using Measured Impulse Responses” at the Tonmeistertagung in Cologne/Germany.


StiffNeck is a tool for the auralisation of sound projection arrangements using measured impulse responses.  It is particularly useful when the spatial dimension forms an integral part of sound projection, such as room characteristics, reflections and direct or indirect sound propagation, as with larger multichannel loudspeaker setups in non-standard configurations.  Using measured impulse responses, those qualities can be auralised with StiffNeck in a convincing way, which is particularly fruitful if the listener has a prior reference (e.g. by memory) of the reconstructed auditory space.

Comprehensive measurements produce large sets of impulse responses, such as matrices of speaker configurations, measurement positions and microphone types.  StiffNeck allows for comfortably dealing with those sets, selecting subsets and arranging them e.g. for comparison. StiffNeck also includes means for visualising the auralised speaker configurations.

The tool will be presented using measurements carried out in the Ligeti hall at MUMUTH, the concert hall of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.  The measurements include a special setup for the multichannel sound projection of an electronic concert organ, whose use for recording productions and realtime auralisation will be introduced.

Photo: G. Eckel